Meet Our Guests & Regular Contributors For 2019


Darlene Panzera - Author

How a Mother-Daughter Team Came To Create Children’s Books

Mary Morgan - Author

Why I Love Writing Medieval Romance

Daniel Travers - Artist

An Interview with Daniel Travers CEO of Redideo

Bambi Sommers - Author

Our Perception of Success 

Dar Batrowny - Author

Imagine Changing the World One Baby at a Time

Regular Contributor

Andi Lawrencova - Author 

Fun Facts for Absolutely No Reason

Shawn Burgess - Author

Connecting Through Stories

Scarlet Braden - Author

Celebrating Christmas South of the Equator 

Vicky Ann - Painter and Photographer

My Thoughts Exactly 


Regular Contributor

A Tribute to Kera Pickle

Burkely Hermann - Author

An Unexpected Drift...Into Fiction Writing 

Angelique Migliore - Author

All About Angelique

Tobiah Thomas - Singer and Songwriter

My Musical Journey

Kim Hunt Harris - Author

Using Humor to Elevate Your Writing

Vivienne Brereton - Author
Why I Had to Write a Tudor Novel

Regular Contributor

Andi Lawrencovna - Author

Over the Border and Through Some Woods 

Andre van Wyck - Author

Book a Fantasy Tour

Elizabeth Keysian - Author
Whatever Possessed Me to Become a Writer


Real Life Influences What We Write 

Regular Contributor
Autumn in New York

Sew Bee It Sans Electricity 

DK Marley - Author
Choosing Historical Fiction

Marci Bolden - Author
Genre Hopping

Mark Townsend - Photographer
Wildlife and Nature Photography

Penny Hampson - Author
Why I Write Romance

Anna Campbell - Author
Loving the Alien


An Incurable Romantic Anglophile

Writing, Audio Books, and the Mind of a Humor Writer

To the Ruins

Top 5 Writing Tips Writers Must Know

Regular Contributor
Perception Part 1: Criticism

How I Came to be a Published Author 


The Art of Fluid Acrylics 

Regular Contributor
Summertime Fun

The Value of Volunteering

Making the Most of Your Opportunities

Merry Hell - UK Folk-rock band
Musical Guests

Kali Willows - Author


Lisa Pellegrini - Freelance Writer
For the Love of Cats

Bill Riley - Coffee Roaster
Coffee Roasting...Someday


Cynthia Cain - Author
A Mother's Love 

John Tracy - Musician
Love True--It Can Be Just for You 

Kathy Coatney
Finding my Way Through Fear

Shlomo Klein
The Heart of the Working People Part 3 

Regular Contributor

Minnie Birch
Snowdrops, Chaos, Cake and Emotional Timescales

Regular Contributor

Andi Lawrencova - Author 
A Killer Vacay You Won't Want to Miss

Angela Anderson - Artist
From Bob Ross to ARA Artistic Creations


Regular Contributor

Summertime Magic 

The Book of John Chapter 1~ 

The Heart of the Working People Part 2

Passport in My Pocket

Making a Difference ~ The Heart of the Working People Part 1

Regular Contributor

Do You Believe in Magic?

A Personal Writing How-To

Regular Contributor

Dennis Green

My Most Memorable Concert Experience 



               Regular Contributor
Moti-Moti-Motivation! And the Why Behind It

Regular Contributor

Upstate New York- The Rustic Adirondack Mountains

Regular Contributor
Disgrace, War, and Biscuits, Part 2 of Prison Book Group 

FATEA Magazine's Roots

Magical Places

Home School to Holistic

Regular Contributor
Dennis Green
My Brush with Hayden


T.J. Logan - Author 
The Accidental Author

Kristin Wolfgang - Author
How setting makes the difference

Tables are a Girl's Best Friend...NOT!

Drawing, Adding colour, and Printing 

Running a Book Group in a Male Prison

Dennis Green
Never Too Soon to Sell Out


Lesley Bimonte Verbus
Quality Time 

Kristin Wolfgang - Author
Six Reasons Why Writing is Better with a Group

Greg Hancock - Singer Songwriter
(Musical) Life Begins At???

Not a Guilty Pleasure 

Scott Nova - Cover Model and Bodybuilder
Juggling Life


Brian Player - Radio
Niche Radio 

Let's Talk About It: Death, Dying, and End of Life Planning

Lori Foster-Author
Keeping the Balance in Multiple Ways

Andi Lawrencovna - Author
Swagalicious, Baby

Minnie Birch-singer/songwriter
Josie Dear...Why I Decided to set up my own Charity

Charles Peterson Shepard-Author
Indie Author Sequels: State of the Art

Dennis Green
Showing the Rifle


Shannon Binegar-Foster
Tomorrow is not Promised

Indie music singer/songwriter 

A writer from Windsor, Ontario Canada

Minnie Birch-Singer/Songwriter
Stories From a Different Viewpoint

Rocco Macri-Award-winning Master Photographer
8 Quick Tips to Improve Your Photos

Active duty army officer and author

I Keep 'em a Long Time

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