Kim Hornsby

Kim Hornsby
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Kim Hornsby is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, having shared space on the top five bestseller list with J.D. Robb, Stephen King and Nicolas Sparks. 

Kim's Dream Jumper Series is optioned for film with the first movie scheduled to begin filming next year on Maui. She's won the Chanticleer Paranormal Mystery Thriller Award, was nominated for Best Indie First Book and was a finalist in the Rone Award. As a screenwriter, she has won multiple awards including Best Feature Screenplay at Royal Wolf Film Festival.

In her former life: Kim taught scuba in Fiji and Hawaii, as a singer opened shows for Jay Leno and Jamie Foxx, once found a boa constrictor under her bed, has taken supplies to remote Nicaraguan villages, dived with dolphins, humpback whales, and sharks, and was the host of an international infomercial. 

These days she writes books outside Seattle, overlooking a tree-lined lake.

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A Dream Jumper's Prequel

The Dream Jumper's Series
Book 1

The Dream Jumper's Series
Book 2

The Dream Jumper's Series
Book 3

The Dream Jumper's Series
Book 4

Moody & the Ghost
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Moody & the Ghost
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Christmas Heartwarmers & Holiday Smiles 

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