Summer is Almost Here!



Photo by Oliver Hale on Unsplash

My creative endeavors this past month have been in the garden, most of that time spent pulling weeds so I could plant more strawberries. The gardening efforts are paying off, and not just in tidier plots.

The herbs are bountiful and I've already dried a few for use this winter. Here are parsley, chives, thyme, hyssop, sage, and several huge borage plants that came up without planting (something known as "volunteers"). The bees love borage, and I love bees.

We'll be eating plenty of white potatoes later this year, along with broccoli, cauliflower, and hot peppers. In the front of this photo are sweet potato plants I'm trying out. This fall I'll be planting asparagus for the first time, and I'm told by many this perennial thrives.


We decided to put full covers on the apple trees to prevent apple maggots. The biggest tree had to undergo a lot of trimming to get the mesh netting on. The trees look like ghosts now, especially in the early morning when I do yoga.


We'll enjoy a lot of raspberries this year, too. Once again, the plants are overflowing the raised bed we grow them in.

I've enjoyed my early mesclun salad mix greatly and will be adding varieties that are more heat tolerant. Little did I know that someone else would enjoy the spinach and lettuce I started indoors last month. This little lady now gets her own cat grass so she stays out of momma’s salad starts!

I spent some creative time indoors to make a card for a very special 90th birthday. It also celebrates the summer season that is just about to begin.

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