Sometimes Life Does Imitate Art


The book I’m currently working on features a protagonist who is an assistant manager at a food bank. The idea came to me because I love volunteering at a food bank near me. Recently, while setting up for the morning shift, I noticed several Easter cards on a table with miscellaneous non-food items.

If you’ve read this blog even occasionally, you probably know I’m a card maker. I love incorporating new techniques and patterned papers, but
have far too many cards to use myself. In my book, the main character is also a card maker (write what you know, eh?). I asked one of the managers at the food bank if I could bring in cards that I make and he gave the okay.

Joy! Something to do with the cards I love making, and our clients have been enjoying them as well. I brought in several Easter cards last month and since it’s a little too early for the Mother’s Day cards I’ve stockpiled, I focused on birthday cards this month. 


I pulled out the hot foil plates and press and spent 45 minutes preparing card bases that were then ready for embellishments. The week after Easter, I started taking in the birthday cards and saw one woman take home three! 

While there are organizations that take extra cards, like my protagonist, I enjoy seeing my cards go home with people who are excited when they see them.

I'm blessed to be able to craft cards and have a full plate. I'd love it if readers would consider regular donations to their local food banks. All proceeds from my upcoming book will be going to the food bank where I volunteer.



  Foiled and hand-colored card   I continue to bring in cards to the food bank where I volunteer weekly. Since we are past Mother’s Day, I’v...