Ruth Ross Saucier


Ruth Ross Saucier was born and raised on the continental U.S., where its only fjord meets its only rain forest. A cynical dreamer from the age of three, she began college still vaguely dreaming of being America’s first woman astronaut. However, a traumatic encounter with third-quarter calculus found her relinquishing her spacey dreams, rejecting her mother’s sensible advice, and majoring in Russian literature.  Ultimately she recaptured some common sense when she reverted to type and finished library school. 

A generalist by nature, she rejected the notion of a Ph.D., preferring instead to know a little about a lot of things, the perfect temperament for a community college library dean. Today, after 40 years of writing, editing, and wrangling a variety of nonfiction and fiction, she is retired to a life of writing, editing, and investigating any and all curiosities she deems fascinating.
She lives under the watchful gaze of the Olympic Mountains, somewhere out west of the waters west of Seattle. 


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