Life with Mazie~Part 6~by Joanne Jaytanie

There you are! I’ve been looking for you.

I can’t believe summer is over. I've been really busy.

I got my first job.

I’m the office manager for my mom and dad.

Hey, someone needs to keep them focused, and I’m the best dog for the job.

Mom pulled me out of school this summer. She told me Auntie Noel wasn’t teaching because it wasn’t safe. I’m still not sure I believe her. I stayed busy anyway—there’s not enough playtime in the day.

For catch me if you can.

My favorite,


and Seek.

Mom says I’ll play until I fall asleep. Who’s she kidding. I never doze off.

And after months of begging, I finally got to go back to school. I’ve been practicing every day. Especially right before bed when Mom puts a little piece of cheese on each stair. She also hides cheese pieces on clear container covers in the bedroom and bathroom. It doesn’t matter where she puts them, I always find them!

This is me working with Auntie Noel. She says I’m doing really good at Nose Work. I love it.

And I did even better the second time.

It’s been another busy day, and I need a nap. But don’t you worry. I’ll be recharged and ready to go before you can even miss me!


  1. Hey, Mazie! You have an important job as office assistant. Keeping things in ship-shape is a tough job for 2 very busy people. But I know you are up for it.

    1. Thanks, Miss Grace! I don't know what they would do if I wasn't keeping an eye on them. :)

  2. Dear Mazie, Keeping that office up to snuff is going to be a challenge. Keep after them, tho, they show potential!

    1. Boy howdee! You said it, Aunite Ruth. They are a tough pair to keep on task!

  3. Great to have updates from Mazie. So good she's watching out for mom and dad.


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