More Than Adventure ~ Laurie Schnebly Campbell

EVERY story is an adventure. We already know these characters will come face-to-face with all kinds of excitement, challenge and danger–whether that danger involves dastardly villains or a reluctance to fall in love.

A lot of readers are thrilled when a story’s main adventure involves bullets, pirates, dragons or floods. Sometimes all of ‘em combined, plus more!

 There are plenty of stories for those readers to enjoy.

But what about the readers who prefer excitement on a more internal, emotional level? How can we satisfy THEM?

Here’s where The Heroine’s Journey comes in handy.

We all know about The Hero’s Journey, which Christopher Vogler adapted from Joseph Campbell’s discovery of the twelve steps a hero goes through on his way from Accepting The Quest to Returning With The Elixir.

Those steps involve all kinds of external conflict, and occasionally there might even be a bit of internal conflict along the way.

The hero isn’t JUST coping with bullets-pirates-dragons-floods…sometimes he’s also coping with self-doubt or fearing cowardice or concerned about his family while he’s busy dodging bullets, fighting pirates, lassoing dragons and swimming through floods.