Soft, Cuddly, and in Need of a Furever Home

 Soft, Cuddly, and in Need of a Furever Home

Penny Tabitha Tortellini

  Seven years ago I lost my adopted feral tortie cat, Penny Tabitha Tortellini (named by the kind staff at the rescue society). Her name was probably a tribute to her copper coloring and tortoise shell tabby breed. I didn’t change a single one of her nine syllables, though often she was just Sweet P.

  When I decided I must have a cat, I asked the owner of a nearby rescue group to show me a kitty who needed a quiet home with one adult. The owner readily took me to see Penny who was housed in a cubby with one other cat. Immediately, Penny seemed to know I would be her momma. Though normally mistrusting of strangers, she readily came up to me to have her head rubbed. In subsequent visits Penny would walk on top of her cubby-mate to greet me.

  Penny wasn’t quite ready for a home when I met her, but that was fine as I had to move to a townhouse where cats were allowed. Even our timing seemed to say we were meant to be a pawsome pair. Penny was with me for thirteen years and never got accustomed to strangers, but she was a sweet girl with velvety soft fur.

  Sadly, at age fourteen, Penny developed diabetes and didn’t make it through the year. As any pet owner who has experienced the loss of a furry family member, I was heartbroken. As I mourned, I decided to let the universe send my next cat—maybe a stray at the doorstep, hiding under the car, or some other happy blessing.

  After three days of crying and without a fur baby to shower love on, I was tired of waiting for the universe to get its act together! I went online to view cats up for adoption at the same rescue facility where I’d found Penny. This time I hoped for a gray cat and found a picture of an adorable one named Bridgett.

Bridgett, aka Bridgie

  Bridgett was the purrfect reminder of the Rainbow Bridge that pets are said to cross to heaven. When I met Bridgett in person, it was even better. She was not just a gray cat, but a torbie, which is a tortoise and tabby mix--a great bridge from my first kitty love to my second. 

  Bridgett had come to the shelter with three kittens, all of which were adopted but no one wanted the mother. Of course, I would be the one to give her the loving home she deserved as much as her kittens did. At one and a half years old, she wasn’t much more than a kitten herself.

  Bridgett doesn’t mind strangers and is a happy, healthy little girl of seven and a half pounds. She vocalizes several different sounds from purrs, meows, and chirp-like noises. I may be biased, but she’s so adorable that vet visits take a little longer because the staff all like to have a cuddle session with her.😀

  Though they never met, both of my little girls loved resting under the Christmas tree. Penny liked to snack on the lower branches, while Bridgett likes ribbons on presents. But neither one climb the tree or break any ornaments. They are both pawsome!




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