Happy Birthday Originality by Design! ~ by Joanne Jaytanie and Grace Augustine

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Eighteen months ago, we developed a concept…one that included visionaries, creatives, and those who spend their days immersed in their art. Our goal was to produce a different type of blog. To have daily posts that were interesting and would engage readers to come back day after day.

Hence, the birth of Originality by Design (OBD). One year ago today we went live. Our brainchild was out in the cyber ether for the masses to read. Since November 1st of last year, OBD has had over 37,000 views, along with reviews through text or voice messages. OBD has been fortunate to host many incredible guests ranging from photographers, authors, musicians, and even coffee roasters.

Thinking back to the birth of Originality by Design we were a bit skeptical that it would be well-received and wondered if we would find people who wanted to jump on board as members or guests. Those fears were short lived, thankfully, and as of today OBD hosts an average of eight to ten guests each month plus posts from OBD members.

Without your continual support and encouragement, Originality by Design wouldn’t be as successful as it is. For that, we are deeply appreciative and plan to bring you even more interesting guests and posts in 2020 and beyond.

Joanne Jaytanie and Grace Augustine
Co-Creators/Administrators of Originality by Design 
Encouraging Inspiration to Flourish

Active Members:
Jacquolyn McMurray
Ruth Ross Saucier
Ralph Duncan
Linda Boulanger
Marj Ivancic
Kim Hornsby
Cynthia Land
Kristine Raymond
Darlene Kuncytes
Lexa Fisher
Lori Crecelius Roberts
Chad Elliott

Regular contributors
Jennifer Daniels
Andi Lawrencovna
Minnie Birch

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