Life with Mazie~Part 2~by Joanne Jaytanie


Hi everybody! 
It’s me, Mazie. I had such a fun time visiting with you the first time I thought I’d stop by again. 

Don’t tell mom. 
She thinks I’m taking a nap.

I was looking through my baby pictures and decided to share some of my early days with you. You know, when I was only a young pup.

My people say I'm a pretty quick learner. 
Dad has been practicing Tai Chi for years. 
I picked it up in less than a week. 

I guess he’s not a quick learner. 

I'm the one that makes sure that everything is in its place. If it's not, I point it out to my people.

And I can already multi-task. I'm not only enjoying
my newest snake, but I am also making sure that Mom is fixing my dinner.

Here I am trying to catch the wet stuff falling from the sky. Mom told me it’s called snow. I love it. But I can’t figure out how to get it to come down again.

And of course, one of my most important duties is keeping track of who's coming and going. Visiting with people is one of my most favorite things to do.

I gotta go. Mom is calling me. 
I'm not supposed to play with her stuff. 
At least that's what she keeps telling me. 
I'll see you around the water bowl.



  1. Mazie, your mom and dad sound like my mom and my boy. They so underestimate us! **paw to mouth snicker. Aren't those white things that fall from the sky interesting? Carry on, girlfriend. Sending you kitteh purrs. =^.^= your friend, Bou

  2. Another fun set of Mazie photos. What fun!



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