Indie music singer/songwriter Jordan Danielsen

Interview by Grace Augustine

Being an author has allowed me to meet many people from all walks of life. Four years ago, I hosted a Wine/Music/Books event at Fireside Winery, just south of Marengo, Iowa. That was where I met Joanne Jaytanie. I also met a very talented musician, Jordan Danielsen, who made me a groupie with one song!

Jordan Danielsen and Jef Spradley

     A native of Denver Colorado, but raised in the Iowa heartland on the banks of the Muddy Mississippi, Jordan grew up with guitar in hand and a harmonica around his neck. He has spent over a decade hosting open mics, performing in wineries, casinos, pubs, restaurants, festivals, and everywhere imaginable from Madison, WI. to St. Louis, MO.

     A wandering loner at heart, Jordan has spent much of his musical career as a solo act. However, he has also played with some of the finest musicians in the Midwest, created two full-length albums, and has done some touring as well.

     In 2011, Jordan released his debut CD, Night Alone in the City, an album very diverse from start to finish. It's chocked full of soulful horns, electric guitars, acoustic ballads, blues, and a tiny bit of hip hop. Jordan's lyrics tell the story of his life growing up in Davenport, Iowa, and at times borders on the hilarious.

     2014 brought the release of Old Soul, an album much different than it's predecessor. Jordan spins his musical tales of rivers, road trips, and great grandfathers in the Civil War. Sleek piano, organ moans, and a haunting fiddle make this collection of songs very soothing yet exciting and take you along for the ride.

     The same year Jordan began touring with a young musician out of Houston, Texas by the name of Jef Spradley. Jef plays a small stripped down drum set while singing some pretty amazing harmonies. The two together put on an entertaining show and one not to miss. 

     Always on tour and never without a song in his throat, Jordan writes from his life experiences and reflects his personality through his music. With many more songs to record and endless gigs to play, he continues to strive for new audiences every day.

     He also does some awesome covers from other musical legends. I can't end this post without sharing with you my favorite Jordan Danielsen song. Check out his website by clicking the link below.


Father of Water by Jordan Danielsen


  1. Thank you for the joy you bring through sharing yourself and your music! Hope to see you soon.

  2. I love Jordan's music. I still have the video I took at that event of him singing. Thanks for sharing, Grace.



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