Get to Know Our Members Shannon Binegar-Foster

Creative Shannon Binegar-Foster

Shannon and her husband, Steven, and their 20 lb cat, Gizmo live in Eastern Iowa. She is a 10+ year cancer survivor and loves all things purple and teal, paisley, and elephants. When she isn’t creating beautiful artwork and coloring books, she teaches swim classes at the local YWCA and spends time with friends…oh yeah and reads over 200 books a year.

Foster's Creations began in 2001, as a means for Shannon to create unique gifts of love for family and friends. As her thirst for perfection grew, so did the popularity of her ever-evolving products.

In September 2015, she stumbled across hand lettering and fell in love. Her passion for art was reborn. Her favorite is watercolor/pointed pen modern calligraphy. This is a way for her to relax and express herself.

Her first book, Prayer Journal with Coloring Pages, was published July 6, 2017.

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  1. Always good to find a way to express ourselves. Sounds like you've found yours.



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