Tomorrow is not Promised ~ by Shannon Binegar-Foster

Just 5 days into the new year our community suffered a tragic loss. One firefighter died in the line of duty. He was fighting a fire in a grain bin when it exploded causing him to fall 80 feet. Another firefighter was critically injured and has a long road to recovery ahead of him. 

To see the outpouring of love and support from our community has been overwhelming. The day after the explosion, I found myself overcome with great sadness. I can’t imagine what the families were feeling at that moment. It is times like these that I am reminded how important it is to tell those you love how much they mean to you. 

In today’s world we are all so busy, so much so that we often forget to tell our family we love them. We don’t spend enough quality time with friends or family. So this is my gentle reminder for you to stop and make time for those important to you. Say what you feel and reach out to those you have lost touch with for tomorrow is not promised.

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  1. Very wise words, Shannon. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Such a tragic loss. But it is so wonderful to see a community come together.

  3. So sorry to hear about the firefighter's deaths. Great reminders to reach out to those we love.

  4. Loss is a hard reminder that we should never take the time we have for granted.



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