Drawn to Color ~ by Kristine Raymond

If pressed to stake a claim on a single hue, I'd pick blue, though being asked to decide upon a favorite color is equivalent to stating which child - or fur-baby, in my case - I love best. There are too many shades and variations to narrow the choice to just one.

Copyright 2019 Kristine Raymond
In all actuality, I'm an earth tones gal; rich browns, muted greens and blues, and warm reds speak to me, enhancing my connection to the Universe. Now, that's not to say I'm biased against other palettes. Dependant upon the season, I gravitate towards a variety of color schemes. Winter months find me embracing jewel tones; in Summer, primary colors fill me with joy. Though not a fan of pastels, Springtime wouldn't be the same with them, and Autumn, the embodiment of earth tones, brings me full circle.

Color is as vital to my well-being as oxygen and water and food.  While those aforementioned necessities nourish my body, the pigmentations produced by refractions of light nourish my soul and imagination.  They revitalize me; igniting the spark that discouragement and uncertainty threaten to extinguish.  One of my simplest pleasures is strolling the aisles of a craft store and losing myself amongst the various shades, irrelevant of medium.  Paper, paint, beads, yarn, clay, wax, graphite - it makes no difference.  The vibrancy is what quickens my pulse, stimulates my senses, and excites my inner creative.

When crafting a story, I channel that energy into my writing; enriching each detail and description with chroma - virtual as it may be.  The sky is not merely blue.  It's Azure or Cerulean or Sapphire.  Time of day, atmospheric conditions, the character's mood - all influence my palette, not unlike an artist using oils or watercolors to paint a scene. I liken it to coloring with words.

And who doesn't love a brand-new box of Crayolas?


  1. You definitely paint beautiful pictures in your writing.

  2. We are both drawn to color it seems. Like you, I lose myself in the aisles of a craft shop and I could spend days in a fabric store.

  3. For me, color IS life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You color beautifully with words. You must have an unending box of Crayolas in your mind. Thank you for sharing.



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