All it Takes ~ by Grace Augustine

I’m a huge fan of America’s Got Talent. Last week one of the acts
was a choir comprised of kids from Detroit under the direction of a passionate man who believes in these kids 100%. The announcer, Terry Crews, was so moved by their story and performance that he gave them the opportunity of moving the directly to the live show by pressing the Golden Buzzer.

“All it takes is one person who cares…” Crews said.

I thought about this statement the rest of the evening and into the next day. All it takes is one person who cares enough to make a difference in your life. One person. One person who draws alongside of you. One person who cheers you on. One person who loves you for who you are. One person who says, “You can do it.”

I didn’t have that my growing up years. I was born in Shelby, Montana. My dad died when I was 9.
Kathryn & Frank Augustine
My mother remarried and it was over 9 months later, when he died, 2 days after my dad had the prior year. We then moved to Cut Bank, a "town to the west." It was then my mother spent the majority of her time catering to everyone else’s needs, and I was in the background.

Through an unfortunate course of events, and for my own safety and sanity, I ran away from home the middle of my sophomore year in high school. I stayed with friends until the situation at my house was a better environment for me.

During this time, one person drew along side of me…talked with me, spent time with me, became my big sister and confidante, and taught me how to stand up for myself. That person was Ms. Janet Smollack. She was my 10th grade English teacher.

I owe a lot of who I am today to her gentle guidance and teaching and
Janet Smollack Liharik
 her loving ways of bringing truth to light in my life... all things I’d not experienced. The shepherding, the love, the prayers, the faith

base she taught me are my foundation. They are who I am.

Years have passed, forty-seven of them to be exact. We have kept in touch throughout each one. We spoke only yesterday, and with each conversation, I still glean a lesson. She is ever the teacher…ever the sister...ever the best friend.

One person who cares makes a world of difference to someone who is struggling. It doesn’t matter what their struggle is, if you can be that difference, please do so. Our world is filled with so much haughtiness and hatred, with ego and anger. Be the difference. It must start somewhere, why not with you and me?

My years in Cut Bank, Montana, living in the Pacific Northwest, and personal experience are a foundation for my writing. In The Acorn Hills Series…each character of each book has a part of me and pieces of my memories of that gentler time.

Book 3, Sultry Sensations, has the most of me in it. While there are
copyright Grace Augustine
some parts that didn’t happen and are only imagination, other parts are factual. It’s about an overweight girl from the wrong side of the tracks who takes charge of her life with the help extended her, some that came from her high school English teacher. You can learn more about my books HERE .

Please, never think yourself better than anyone. You aren’t that special little darling you think you are, because each in our own way are special...none more so than the other. We all are fashioned the same way, and technically, each of us have the genes of the other. We’re related. And while you shake your head and say, “Yeah, but some of those relatives…” take a look in that mirror. Are you the best of the best or is it because you think having  money makes you the best, or a large home, or many successful kids and grandkids? Some of the wealthiest people monetarily are some of the poorest on earth, yet some of the wealthy are as common as your next door neighbors. Be that odd one out. Be the one who cares enough to make a difference in someone’s life. You won’t be sorry. It will warm your soul and give you even more purpose than you think you have.

For my dear, sweet friend: Thank you, Jan, for always being there, always knowing what I need to hear, and always imparting wisdom--whether Divine or your own. I love our phone chats. You are forever in my heart.

To the rest of you reading this, remember…someone once took a chance on you. Whether you chose to accept it or reject it is yours to own, but nothing says that you can’t be that difference for someone else. Pass it on, people. It costs nothing to be kind.

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  1. I love this story Grace! You're absolutely right, this is a lesson we should all follow. Thank you for sharing your story ❤️

  2. What a great story. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us, Grace.

  3. You are truly an inspiration and we have more in common than I ever realized. Thank you, Grace, for sharing your story.



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