Saranac Lake Winter Carnival ~ by Author Jennifer Daniels

The Winter Carnival has been a long running tradition for Saranac Lake, NY.  Many people have come to witness this amazing 10 day spectacle for years.

The opening ceremony begins with the coronation of the King and Queen. This is followed by the lighting of the castle and an amazing firework display that is spectacular. Over the 10-days they have parades, different performances, and all different kinds of outdoor activities. There is something new to do every day. On the last night it ends with another amazing firework display.

All of the hard work that goes into this weekend is done by the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee. The townspeople volunteer their time to build the castle from huge blocks of ice cut from the lake. This event a wonderful way for families to get outside and have some winter fun.

This year the Castle’s theme was “Masquerade” which is very fitting for the time we are currently in. The castle is opened to have your pictures taken in front of and of course you can walk through the different passages. Every year it is constructed differently.

But like all things this year, the carnival was vastly different. You could not approach the castle and you had to watch the fireworks from afar. This year’s event had minimal activities and the closing ceremony was cancelled.

My husband, son, and I donned our masks and went to the opening ceremony, and even though we could not get close to the castle, it was nice to be in the fresh air and watch the fireworks from afar. 

We had the perfect viewing spot. But, for my family, the drive itself was gorgeous. It had snowed all day long so the trees were dusted with the newly fallen flakes, everything sparkled. It was
a fun family outing.


  1. This looks like such an amazing festival. Would be nice to go some year. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Usually you can get up close and personal to explore. This year with COVID you couldn't. We stood around the corner and at a side view. It was really the perfect spot and we were by ourselves.

  2. It’s great that’s you have a winter festival to pull everyone out in celebration during the dark, cold season. It sounds very much like the Quebec Carnaval in February. The ice castle sounds amazing!

  3. Replies
    1. It's pretty cool. I don't get to see it every year but it's always a sight.

  4. It looks like a wonderful winter activity!

  5. I haven't heard of this festival before. It seems wonderful. Hopefully next year will be closer to normal for you and your family.


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