February Crafting ~ by Lexa Fisher

I never imagined that taking an all-day writing workshop would re-kindle my creative energy, but it certainly did. Not only did I come away with fresh ideas for my current novella, but also with renewed energy and ideas for my creative outlet of making cards this month.

I'd purchased a Valentine card kit to inspire me with new ideas and craft materials. The neon pink glitter paste you see in the hearts above is part of the kit, and is almost gone now--I love the bright color!

In addition to using the materials in the kit, I learned several new card folding techniques. Here is a corner fold card.


Another folding technique I learned is the diagonal fold.



Here are two more card styles I made this month: the mini card-on-a-card, and a top fold.


My favorite new technique is the Z-fold, which is easy to make but looks quite intricate. It also uses lots of decorative papers, which I love and you can see I've used in all of these examples.

Making cards wasn't all I did for Valentine's Day. Since we're not going out shopping, I needed to make my sweetie something chocolatey and homemade. I've had these soap and candy molds for decades, and they came in handy again. These are hand-poured crispy rice cereal and sunflower seed butter filled chocolates--that he refrained from eating in one day...25 hours counts as more than a day, right? 😄


 I hope your Valentine's Day was sweet!


  1. Lexa, these are beautiful! You do an amazing job. Do you have a website for your cards?

  2. Very nice. Your card look like they came from a store. I love to craft.

  3. You are so creative! Love your cards.

  4. Wow, quite beautiful! You do amazing work!

  5. Great job making fancy cards. They look amazing!


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