Happy Month of Love ~ By Bou


Hello everyone! **waving my paw to all of you** I hope you are well and that you are behaving.

It's been a fairly boring winter for me. The rabbits are hibernating, the birds have flown to warmer weather, and the squirrels are hiding. We've had so much snow that no one would find me for weeks if I were an outdoor kitteh! I'm so glad to be a house feline. It is definitely BRRRRRY outside!

There is so much snow that it is as high as my boy's car! My boy and a neighbor shoveled out parking spaces so the cars could come and go. They are such good boys!

With all of my animal friends hiding, there isn't much for me to do during the day. So, I sleep under mom's bed, or come out for treats or to be brushed. I have lots of toys, and I like to line them up from the living room down the hall, especially at night. It's like they are my watchful eye brigade, helping me make sure my people are safe.

My favorite thing to do for playtime is play fetch with paper wads. I also have a yarn ball with a string on it that is my favorite of all. My boy plays with me after Mom goes to bed. Sometimes Mom plays with me in the afternoons after I wake up. They are so good.  I love to play tag with my boy, too. When he's not looking I will run up behind him and boop him on the leg. **paw to mouth snicker**

Well, not much more to report from the frozen tundra in Iowa. Please send good thoughts for my kitteh friend, Cole, who is going through chemo and radiation for kitteh cancer. Remember Valentine's Day on February 14th. Give your kitteh lots of extra scritchies that day. I love to hear from my readers. Please continue being the pawsome people you are.  

Kitteh Kisses,



  1. Aww I love Cole’s journal. This is adorable and well written. I hope his treatment goes well. He is lovely!

    1. Yes, I hope so, too, Miss Naomi. I kinda have a crush on him! **kitteh blushes**


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