It's Never to Late to Follow Your Dreams ~ by Author Darlene Kuncytes


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On Valentine’s Day this year, I celebrated eight years since publishing my first book. 

Eight years!!! 

It still blows me away. 

I have always loved books and reading and writing. For as long as I can remember, I loved weaving tales. 

In my younger days, it was sitting under the street light in the summer telling ghost stories. Oh, how I loved that! I would make up monsters and stories and loved when I would actually scare my friends. (yes, I have an evil streak! Lol)

When I hit my teens, I would sit quietly in study hall – not studying of course, but writing stories. It was my true love.

My dream.

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I never wanted to be a princess or a ballerina when I was a kid. Although, I did take dance classes that I enjoyed, but it just wasn’t my goal in life. Nope. This girl wanted to be the next Stephen King or John Saul! 

Then as I got even older, I began to write romance. 

I still love horror, but I am a sucker for that happy ending! (Thank you, LaVryle Spencer!)

I have written my entire life. There are tidbits of stories all over my house, but it wasn’t until I was in my forties that I was brave enough to actually take that step and make my dreams come true. 

I bit the bullet and published my very first novel. 

And it was like nothing I had ever experienced! I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it was!

I published my first book knowing nothing, but I was lucky enough to find a core group of amazing people who helped me along my journey. And believe me, I needed it. I was scared spitless! Lol

I was terrified, and I told myself that my family and friends would most likely be the only ones who would be kind enough to actually pay for my book, but at least I was making my dream come true. I was a published author! 

I was forty-something and FINALLY doing what I'd wanted to do forever. And do you know what? I do not regret a thing! 

Well, that’s not entirely true. I do regret not taking the plunge sooner. 

And now, it’s eight years and fourteen books later, and the dream continues! 

You see…dreams are funny things. They start to flicker in us as children and linger in our hearts forever. Some of us follow them straight away, while others, for whatever reasons, won’t take that plunge. 

What I have discovered and want to stress is that is it NEVER too late. Don’t ever let fear or the bumps in the road keep you from what turns that flicker into a full-blown flame!

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Because you know what? The only thing we will ever truly regret in life are the chances we didn’t take.

LIVE that dream. 

One of my best friends decided she wanted to follow her dreams of becoming a nurse and started school well into her thirties. She would always laugh and tell me that she felt like everyone’s mother! lol
Now she is working at a lab researching a cure for Leukemia.
So, no matter what excuses you find for not taking that chance, there are a million reasons why you should. 

Dreams can be tucked away for however long and still be there waiting for you to make them come true. They don’t have an expiration date! Don’t ever short-change yourself by saying that it’s to late. 

It isn’t! 

Follow them. Make them come true and find your passion. Your inner self with thank you for it! 

Stay safe! 


  1. Thank you for this timely reminder. It is within all of us to achieve our dreams.

  2. Love this inspirational message. Stay strong in your dreams!!!

  3. I was 57 when I published my first book so I can relate. It’s never too late to follow your dreams!

  4. There is something very special about publishing the first book.


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