The Four Yogic Virtues Part II ~ by Cynthia Land LMT RYT

Welcome to part two of our look at the yogic view on the virtues. The yogis of yore believed there are four things that can get in the way of our relationships with others. Last month we discussed getting caught up in others happiness and letting another’s suffering negatively effect us. This month we take a look at ambition and nefarious characters.

This is an excellent time to explore the arena of ambition.  Numerous political candidates have come onto the field to test their mettle and share their ideas about how they think they can make our country a better place.  Maybe we don't agree with them but we're in no way about to jump up onto the proverbial soap box to take their place.  Is it possible to look at our emotions and our motivations and understand why we might feel strongly against an ambitious person?  Are they doing something we couldn't possibly ever do and we're jealous about it?  Are they doing something we feel so strongly against that we want to jump up and down and shout them down?  Take a pause and look deeply.  Understand what's motivating your feelings around that person's ambitiousness.  Is it possible to simply have joy around their energy and cheer them on?  

Alternatively, there are those out there doing things we believe to be downright wrong or maybe even evil.  Be especially careful here.  We may want to run out and right the wrongs.  Is it our place to do so?  If an act is truly unlawful perhaps the best we can do is report it to the authorities and step away from the results.  Is there a possibility that what's happening has nothing to do with us?  Can we then merely be neutral and walk away from the drama?  Some of us are attracted to drama like a moth to the flame and look what happens to them.  If you truly want change in your life, then you must walk away from the drama.  

As I said in last month's entry, this may take practice.  Relationships take practice.  This is merely a guide.  


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. All we can do is send positive thoughts, words, and vibes for the wrongdoer and keep ourselves centered, as you pointed out.

  2. I see the drama all the time in my workplace. I choose to ignore it (most of the time) and use my energy to get my job done!



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