What Makes a Good Family? ~ by Babou

Some of you may not know me. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Sweet Princess Babou...but my family calls me Goobie when they want my attention. I don't remember my fur mommy at all. I was left alone and somehow found myself stuck under a mobile home. Thankfully it was during August and not during winter. I was lonely, tired, and hungry. Some other animals didn't like me and they did whatever they could to let me know that. I had this terrible itching in my ears and my eyes hurt...lots!

One day the lady in this mobile home was outside talking with a friend, Ms. Lynette. Ms. Lynette heard me meowing, trying to get their attention. I heard her say that if the meowing was still there when the two ladies returned from lunch, they would see what was happening.

Sure enough, they heard me when they returned. My throat was sore and I barely had a voice, but I knew I had to make some noise. Soon the skirting of the mobile home was being moved and Ms. Lynette bent down and scooped me up in her warm hands. I purred loudly because I was so happy these ladies rescued me! The other lady went in the house for some water and some food. Boy, that cut up smoked turkey tasted wonderful!

Ms. Lynette had to leave so she placed me in the hands of the other lady. They were warm and loving and she was talking to me. No one had ever done that before. She took me into her house. There was a boy there, too. I loved snuggling up against his chin. It felt like fur.

They talked to someone named Kathy, who told them to put a towel into a laundry basket and put me in there and tape another basket on top so I wouldn't escape. I was just so glad that there was a soft place to be. I laid down and went to sleep.

The boy and the lady took me to this funny smelling building. There were lots of strange animals that were so much larger than me. I wasn't afraid, just curious, but I stayed quiet in my basket home until this older man lifted me out and started looking in my ears and eyes. I remember a pinch in the backside, too. 

The lady wasn't sure she wanted to keep me and told the older man and lady that. That lady in the funny smelling building laughed and said, "Yes, you will. She has claimed you for her own." I guess she was right. I had done just that.

We went home and I didn't have to stay in the laundry basket. In fact, my favorite place was under the boy's chin. The boy and the lady loved me and fed me and let me lay on their laps and snuggled me. For the first time in my life I knew what it meant to be loved.

As time passed, I grew. From the age of six weeks, I've had a fascination with computers. I still do. My human mom is a writer and editor and I help her do her job. She never pushes me away and sometimes she takes my suggestions, too. **paw to mouth snicker**

I live a very happy life. It is a beautiful home. I can do pretty much anything I want (except jump up by the television and claw it.) I have food, water, and much love from two people that are my life. I am so thankful for them. I watch over them and make sure they are all right. 

At times, I hear my boy and mom say they don't know what they'd do without me. Well, I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Had Ms. Lynette not scooped me up and placed me in Mom's hands...well, I won't go there.

There are lots of other fur babies who need loving homes like mine. I hope you will take into consideration adopting one or two. Your local shelters are filled with cats like me and dogs (ewwww) who need forever homes...need forever moms and dads and girls or boys who love them and take care of them.  If you can't adopt, then volunteer to give some time to show the shelter animals some love. Think of how you would feel if no one loved you...if no one hugged you...if no one told you how special you are to them.  

Yup...so, I live my life with my human mom and my boy. I love to sit by the patio door and watch the snow fall, watch the rabbits and squirrels in the spring and summer. But most of all...I love the love and security I have here with my family.

And, Mom...even though you turned another year older a few days ago...you are still my #1 and always will be. I love you so much! **many, many kitteh purrs and snuggles**



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