Where Does Time Go? ~ by Grace Augustine

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November 4th at 2 am we turn back the clocks to standard time. I've never really seen the validity in this, and I'm sure the scientific ones who read this will be more than happy to enlighten me.  And...I would welcome that, please and thank you.

I have an issue with time. There, I admitted it. The adage of time passes more quickly the older we become holds so true.

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How on earth can this sweet little baby boy be 36 years old?  How can my other son be 32 and in a different state miles from me? A much more pressing question is...how did I get to be this old?

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It seems like only yesterday that I was watching the boys playing in the park, taking them to T-ball games, basketball, baseball. Then I blinked...

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I blinked...no longer was I on the T-ball field, but at the high school sports complex watching baseball and football games and walking the field every Friday night doing football stats.  

I blinked again and they were moving the tassel from one side of their mortarboard to the other, shaking the hands of the Board of Education members and accepting their first diploma.  Then it was off to college and away from home...away from ME.  Sigh.

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For some reading this, your kids married and now have kids of their own. Again, you are playing chauffeur to school related events, only as a grandparent this time. Then, it happens...those grandchildren grow up and go to college, live their own lives...THEN...

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EMPTY NEST SYNDROME!!!  This is usually the phase when couples sit across the room from each other wondering what happened. You have your interests, he has his. Every once in a while you come together and do something...or you could be that couple who does everything together and wondered when this stage of your life would happen...you're FREE! Typing that tongue in cheek.  :) 

Then, divorce happens, death of a spouse happens, physical disabilities happen and you are at a crossroads, yet again. (see a pattern here? C.H.A.N.G.E.)

Again, I'm back to my original topic--time...time passing so quickly that you wake up one morning and your hair is showing some silver (or you color it to make it go away), your "fine lines" are deeper, those pesky chin hairs (ladies' you KNOW what I'm talking about!) find a way of becoming coarse and annoying with roots to your toes when you try to tweeze them...and you wonder... where did this week go?  Where did this month go?  Where did this year go? 

Really...where DID this year go?

The only thing I can do is embrace it...embrace the change, regardless of how much I may hate my looks in the mirror, how much I hate the decreased mobility, the aches and pains, the extra pounds that seem to have miraculously turned into batwings overnight...

And, I Breathe...I breathe in life and live every moment like it was the last one. 

Be kind to those around you, because you might be the last voice or face they hear or see.


  1. Grace, you are spot on...time passes so very quickly. It's up to us to spend it wisely. To stay connected to our friends and family. To tell them we love them. To cherish every day. Thank you.

  2. This reminds me that even in the thick of things, I need to take time to enjoy each minute because change is something we can't stop. Great post!

  3. Grace, my friend, you're right on with time flying by as we get older. I need to learn to enjoy the time more than I do, but I'd still like it to slow down just a wee bit.

  4. My mother-in-law used to remind me that I had the same 24 hour day everyone else had because I would often say, "there's just not enough time." But she was right, of course. I still struggle with the feeling I can't get it all done, but I've added to my list to do something nice for someone every day. For that, I'll take time.



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