Photographs and Memories ~ by Grace Augustine

I didn’t have the luxury of knowing my father because he passed away when I was 9 yrs. old. Sure, I remember bits and pieces of him: the fragrant cherry tobacco from his pipe, the silk shirts, the wool pants, the Roi Tan cigars and using the cigar boxes for my crayons.

I’ve done search after search through most of the ancestry sites, trying to find out more about my heritage, mainly, my dad.

What I do know 
      • He stood 5’4” tall
      • He had tattoos on both arms, a dancing girl and something to do with the US Coast Guard.
      • He was born in Malalos, Philippine Islands in 1889 (yes that is not a typo)
      • He came to the US and lived with an uncle in California
      • Found his way to Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, British Columbia Canada
      • Served in the US Coast Guard as a cook on board the USS
      • Was a cook at a local restaurant in Shelby, Montana
      • Married my mom in 1944
      • Died in February 1966
I also remember he loved eating fish and rice doused with soy sauce.

What I don’t know that I’d like to know: 
      • Was he compassionate?
      • Did he like children?
      • What did we do together when I was younger that brought him joy?
      • What wisdom would he give to my sons?
      • Would I have turned out differently if I’d had his teaching while growing up?
      • Would life have been different if I’d had both of my parents?
      • How would he have counseled me in various situations?
      • Was he a hugger?

So many questions that will never be answered. So many times I wish I’d had those opportunities to hold his hand, to walk with him, to go to different daddy/daughter things, to have a hug and hear I love you.

All I have are photographs and a few memories. 


  1. What a sincere post, Grace. It's great that the memories you do have are happy ones.

    1. Thanks so much Jacquolyn. I just wish there were more of them.



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