Collectibles ~ by Grace Augustine

I collect things. I'm sure you can relate. I think everyone has something they collect.  For me, it is mouse themed Christmas ornaments, cookbooks, and vases.

When I moved into my own space in the late 70's, I began collecting vases. Not just any vase, but uniquely-fashioned-from various-mediums vases. I have wooden vases that are no larger than 2" tall, to a mosaic smoke glass vase that stands 30" tall. 

Working as a floral designer for 30+ years, Teleflora and FTD provided different holiday vases annually. I have only 2 that I've kept from their collection. The rose encircled one shown here, and the Christmas plaid pedestal bowl.

Some of my favorites include an oriental urn with a lid. It was a gift in the late 1970's. 

A wine bottle turned into a bud vase. I have the bottles in white, blue, and black.

Very special to me are these pottery vases made by my son and one of his friends.

I also have 2 antique Hull and 1 antique McCoy vases from the 1950's and a 12" Wedgewood planter that I have no information on, other than to know it is authentic because of the markings found on the bottom of the pot.

Surrounding ourselves with things we enjoy makes us smile. I will continue the search for unique vases to add to my collection, even though I know at some point they will be auctioned off or given away for someone else to enjoy. 

I'm interested in what, if anything, you collect. Leave a comment and tell me.



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