Marj Ivancic

 I grew up in northeast Ohio, on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. I credit my mother for instilling in me a love of books; she's a voracious reader who spent many hours reading to me, taking me to the library, opening my imagination to new and beautiful worlds.

My love of the past led me to earn a degree in History, which—let's face it—is the ultimate treasure trove of plot lines and character bios.

Unable to pick a single genre, my own stories range from historical to the paranormal; however, romance is always an underlying theme.

Married to my soulmate, I currently live one town over from the one in which I was born and raised.


12/03/2020  Welcome Home, Orion!
09/03/2020  Where am I Looking?
07/03/2020  Tabatas? Geshundeit

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